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Wide Base Posts
Wide base posts are used when road signs require illumination to be added. The base of the post is wider to accomodate electrical fittings. Please choose length options from the table below.

We also offer a cutting option @ 10.00 per cut. Please email us if you want to use this service






Diameter: Length:
Quantity:  (all signposts except for square signposts come with base plates and end caps)


Wide Based Post Aluminium Round Aluminium Square Steel Steel


Advice on Fixing Signposts

We strongly recommend the use of below ground base plates when installing signposts. These prevent the rotation or removal of the posts after the concrete has set.

Sometimes it is easier to cast a concrete foundation without supporting the weight of the post.

It can also be an advantage to undertake the groundwork before taking signposts to the site. In these instances it can be particularly useful to use foundation sleeves. These ribbed plastic sleeves can be pre-cast into concrete foundations allowing signposts to be light cast or sand filled at a later date.

Baseplate (left) Foundation Sleeve (right)


Road Sign Posts
Aluminium Round Signpost
Aluminium Round Signpost
Aluminium Square Signpost
Aluminium Square Signpost
Steel Signpost
Steel Signpost
Wide Based Post
Wide Based Post
Road Sign Clips and Accessories
5 Pack Mini D Clips
5 Pack Mini D Clips
5 Pack Stainless Steel Clips
5 Pack Stainless Steel Clips
5 Pack Back to Back Clips
5 Pack Back to Back Clips
Aluminium post extension
Aluminium post extension
Screw Banding
Screw Banding
Foundation Sleeve
Foundation Sleeve
Welded Base Plate
Welded Base Plate
Finishing Touches
Ball Sign Post Finial
Ball Sign Post Finial
Dome Sign Post Finial
Dome Sign Post Finial
Alpine Sign Post Finial
Alpine Sign Post Finial
Gothic Sign Post Finial
Gothic Sign Post Finial



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