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Signs for Schools

Signs for Schools

School Crossing Patrol Sign
School Crossing Patrol Sign

New Health and Safety law  Poster
The New Health and Safety Law Poster

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Common Safety Signs
Includes Awareness posters, Fire exit signs, No smoking signs and more
Construction Signs
Includes Site safety boards, multi signs, durable outdoor safety signs
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Standard Signs, A-boards, Stanchion signs, Roll up signs
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DOT Approved road signs for public highway or private use plus Sign Posts & Road Sign Fixings
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Metal Stanchion Signs, Roll Up Signs, Road Cone Signs, Road Cones, Lollipop Boards
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Signs for the office, toilet signs, Prestige Signs, reception, meeting room and more
Water, Co2, Dry Powder
Foam, Fire Blankets


Marine Safety Signs
IMO Signs for the Marine, Shipping, Oil & Gas Industries

first aid kits, Eye Wash Kits, Plasters
Road Cones
Full range of Road Traffic Cones at wholesale pricing
Recycle Signs Projecting Signs / Perpendicular Signage Goggles, ear protection, high visibility, hard hats Chapter 8 barriers
Make sure the right material goes in the recycle bin
Wall mounted perpendicular projecting signage
Protective Clothing
Eye goggles, ear protection, High Visibility wear, hard hats and more
Chapter 8 barriers, Moulded Barriers, Water Filled Barriers
Large Wall Maps
World maps, European, Political, Postcode
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Snapframe products, Pavement Signs, Chalk-Boards
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Portable Road Works Signs
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Fire Extinguishers
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Dust Masks

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Ear Protection

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Eye Protection

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Latex Gloves
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Smoking Control
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Health and Safety Signs Information

Statutory Health and Safety Regulations require every company to provide H&S training for all employees, to maintain accident records and to ensure that the appropriate Health and Safety Signs are displayed throughout all premises. We can provide you with the complete range of signs, training books, record books and posters.

Enforcing authorities can take action against you if you do not comply with strict safety procedures including documentation and eqiupment, plus displaying the correct signs and posters. Fpr example, during 2003/04, catering establishments received fines averaging £13,947 for non compliance compared with £8,846 for 2002/03. The Health and Sagety Executive prosecuted over 89% of it's investigated cases, and the trend is set to continue.

Our Sign Categories explained

Cautionary Safety Signs
A range of yellow/black signs designed to warn your staff of potential health and safety dangers in and around the workplace.

Emergency Exit Safety Signs
Green backed safety procedure signs to show the way to areas of safety. Some of these signs are also available in a photoluminescent finish that glow in the dark for areas that require safety information to be visible in blackout conditions.

Exit and Assembly Safety Signs
Green backed safety procedure signs to show points of safety or where it is permitted to carry out a course of action.

Fire Equipment Safety Signs
Red backed signs to indicate the position and correct use of fire equipment.

Fire Mandatory Safety Signs
Blue backed signs to convey actions the must be carried out in relation to fire precautions.

First Aid Safety Signs
Green backed safety procedure signs to show the location of first aid equipment or assistance.

Mandatory Safety Signs
Blue backed signs to inform of a course of action that must be taken to ensure safety.

Prohibition Safety Signs
Red signs that inform of prohibited behaviour.

General Office Signs
A range of acrylic signs for general use around the office or workplace.

Construction Safety Signs
2mm thick pre-drilled in four corners, foam board signs for use on the construction site.

Safety Signs for the Catering Industry
A range of signs specific to the catering / food industry that illustrate safe use of kitchen equipment and appropriate methods for handling and working with food.

Safety Signs for the office car park
Acrylic signs for the office car park.

Vehicular Safety Signs
A range of signs that give prohibitive or cautionary information relating to vehicles.

Humour Safety Signs
Signs in a safety genre for humerous applications around the house or office.

Health and Safety Awareness Posters
A full range of posters to display clear instructions for safe use of equipment or safety procedures. Also COSHH / Hazchem information.

HSE Books
A range of books to either record accident information or inform of health and safety procedures and legislation.

Starter Packs
Packs to include all the relevant safety signs needed for small, medium and large offices.


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Site Safety Boards
Multi Message Construction Signs
Large, Multi Message Safety Boards
Heavy duty general building site signs
Fire Exit Signs
Emergency Exit Signs
Directional Arrows
Wet Floor Stand Alone Signs
General Yellow on Black Cautionary Signs
Fire Action Signs
Fire Door Signs
Protective Clothing Signs
General signs indicating that people MUST follow certain rules
UK / Scottish / Welsh Smoking Ban Signs
Prestige Aluminium No Smoking Signs
Smoking Area Signs
Foreign Language No Smoking Signs
Outdoor Ash Bins
Fire Extinguisher Identification Signs
Fire Equipment Location Signs
Fire Blankets and Extinguishers
No Unauthorised Access
No Mobile Phones
General red signs prohibiting certain actions
First Aider Signs
First Aid Equipment Location Signs
Health and Safety Law Poster
General Awareness Posters for Safer working
Fire Assembly Point Signs
Location of Special Area Signs
No Parking / Wheel Clamping Signs
Speed Limit Signs
General Signs Giving Instructions to Vehicles
Fire Action Signs
Fire Door Signs
Protective Clothing Signs
General signs indicating that people MUST follow certain rules
Design your own sign in any material or stand alone A-Board Sign Food Safety Signs
Kitchen Equipment Safety Signs
General Signs appropriate for kitchens or restaurants
Voltage Warning Signs
Electrical Equipment Warning Signs
Fire Action Signs
Fire Door Signs
Protective Clothing Signs
General signs indicating that people MUST follow certain rules
Hazardous Chemical Diamond Signs for Vehicles A Complete range of DOT approved road traffic signs,
with or without pole and fixings.

We can supply ANY DOT approved road traffic sign
Radiation Warning Signs
Biological Hazard Warning Signs
General Warning Signs Appropriate to Hospitals and Laboratories
Male / Female symbols for toilet doors
Aluminium and Convex signs for the toilet
Meeting in Progress Sliding Signs
Free / Engaged Sliding Signs
general signs in 2mm clear acrylic showing location of areas etc.
Reserved Signs
Left at owners risk sign
general signs in 2mm clear acrylic showing location of areas etc.
A range of common safety signs in 2mm raised, convex
and flexible plastic. Very nice looking signs
Signs in brushed aluminium Accident Report Books
Fire Assesment Checklist
Think, Switch off stickers
Recycle here stickers
Awareness posters on the effects of global warming and recycling
Small, medium and large starter packs containing
the essential range of signs needed for compliance
Statuatory first aid kits
Eye Care
Other first aid equipment
Dust Masks, Protective Clothing
Fire Equipment
First Aid Equipment
Outdoor smoking control
Portable & Flexible signs for road works contractors